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"Disembarking" | Joyland | Web

"Kids" | Hobart | Web

“The Hungry Man Challenge” | Cleaver Magazine Web

“The Baby-Sitters Club Super Woke Series” | McSweeney’s Internet Tendency | Web

“A Human Bone is Strong as Granite” | Day One | Kindle Single

“It’s How You Play the Game” | Third Coast | Print

“The Seine” | Crack the Spine | Web

“The Elephants” | Flyleaf Journal | Print

“Thirty-Six Butterflies” | Pacific Review | Print



"On the Camino de Santiago" | Body Language anthology | Print 

"Refresh and Rebuild: Plotting the Future of New York’s Most Conservative Borough" | Bitch | Print

"How Do Transracial Adoptees Survive the White Gaze? Just Ask Rebecca Carroll" | Bitch Media | Web

"Inheritance" | Redivider | Web

"When Tigers Smoked: Exploring My Korean Culture Through Folklore" | We Need Diverse Books | Web

"YouTuber Myka Stauffer Illustrates the Problem with White Adoptive Parents" | Bitch Media | Web

"How Book Festivals are Adapting to All-Virtual Events" | We Need Diverse Books Blog | Web

"How Educators Can Talk About Inclusive Language with Young People" | We Need Diverse Books Blog | Web

"Lana Condor and the Adoptee's Place in Asian American Storytelling" | Zora | Web

"Strands" | Gay Magazine | Web

“Finding Faith Beyond God on the Camino de Santiago” | Catapult | Web

“The Not-So-Hidden Racism of Nancy Drew” | Electric Literature | Web

“Meet the Woman Bringing a Book Festival to the Bronx,” An Interview with Saraciea Fennell, Bronx Book Festival Founder | Shondaland | Web

“How Fresh Off the Boat Upends the Asian BFF Trope” | The Establishment | Web

“YA Women of Color Authors to Add to Your Reading List” | Shondaland | Web

“Thirty Years After My Adoption, I Found Out I Wasn’t a US Citizen” | Catapult | Web 



“Proof” | The Baltimore Review | Web

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